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Read below the testimonials from happy clients and their experiences with The Homegirl Healer!

I just had my first yoni steaming session. It was an emotional experience that enabled me to clearly articulate emotions and thoughts that I’ve been aware of for a while. More importantly, Reshena and I discussed ways for me to let go of and move past those emotions to make space for me to create new things in my life. I was pleased with the session and I left feeling much lighter - literally. I intend to continue to work through some things on my own and I will definitely have another session when I think it’s time to do it again.
— L.B. - Washington, DC
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"I had my first ever reiki session with Reshena and it was such an amazing experience! I had such clarity of mind and was able to sleep for 6 blissful uninterrupted hours! I am so excited to continue on this journey that we began and to continue finding clarity and hopefully the pain relief that will come with having all my chakras working in harmony with each other!"

- S.F. - Silver Spring, MD

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"After sharing some of my story with Reshena, she suggested that a yoni steaming session would be ideal for what I was trying to accomplish. I expressed my apprehension to her and she assured me that she would do everything within her power to make me feel comfortable and that we would not do anything that I did not want to do. So I thought what the hell. Let’s do it!
What I appreciated about the whole experience was that there was some pre preparation for the session, but once I got there, Reshena seemed to work best when tapping into what her intuition was telling her at the moment. I learned some interesting things that I believe will help me along the way. I am still becoming comfortable with this way of life, but I would have to say I was not turned off by it at all and found it very beneficial. I believe that it is Reshena’s compassionate spirit and dedication to her craft that made all the difference in the world. Job well done!"

- D.J. - Takoma Park, MD

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"It was a pleasure and a blessing to have my yoni steaming session with Reshena. The power and empowerment that I felt during and after the session was unparalleled...I was able to open up about something that I'd been holding in for sometime....sharing was effortless with Reshena, this process allowed me to open myself up to channeling my power and myself.... owning that. This experience has truly altered my reality...releasing my toxins was quite cathartic for me.... it has made an indelible impression on my life, and I truly thank her for it...
Reshena, thank you for doing this work, you are truly blessed with a healing spirit... Thank you for sharing your gift with me."

- D.D. - Hartford County, MD